PT Bhumi Phala Perkasa provides services in several areas of activity, namely basic engineering, front end engineering design, detailed engineering, procurement, planning, budgeting, design, maintenance, repair and construction of structures, infrastructure, bathymetry maps, topographic maps, but not limited to :

    pipe rack;


    Collies and Metal Boxes;

    Cooling System design and repair;

    Heavy Equipment Repair/overhaul;

    Pump and Valve repair/overhaul;

    Structural/marine engineering projects (belt conveyors, piles,)

PT. Bhumi Phala Perkasa employs skilled traders arranged in crews working under the supervision of foremen and project managers. Our mechanics and technicians (millwrights, riggers, welders, pipe fitters, fabricators, steel erectors and mechanical specialists) have proven skills in their trade As well as the resources in the Service Division are specialized in the following areas;

    Project management;

    Process control, Instrumentation and automation;

    Mechanical Engineering, Piping Systems and HVAC;

    Electric Power project;

    Civil/Structural/Marine Engineering;

    Computer Aided Design, Drafting, Modeling/Simulation/Analysis;

    QA/QC, Quality Management System, Quality Audit;

    Project Scheduling and Management;

    Procurement of Materials and Equipment.


With all the existing experience, it is possible for PT. Bhumi Phala Perkasa to provide innovative, cost effective and high quality products for the industry. Both computer design/design services, offering enhanced design and engineering input, fabrication of metal/alloy products, from small precision components to large industrial fabrications. Extensive experience in the fabrication of structural components and pressure vessels, in both carbon, stainless steel and aluminum, we are ready to handle jobs of any size; also, to provide insight and feedback during the project to reduce costs and provide the highest quality products for our clients.

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