SAFE products allow construction of various kind of CNG stations and thus customers have a wide range of possible choices according to their specific requirement and configurations.

Typically a CNG refuelling station is designed as a function of different site specific parameters such as:

  • Availability of natural gas from the pipeline or from trailers
  • Pipeline pressure
  • Average daily demand of natural gas (flow rate)
  • Peaks hours CNG demand
  • Power capacity available at site
  • Type of vehicles to be refueled

A correct choice of the CNG station design shall consider all of the above variables with the aim of obtaining the best performances with the minimum investment.

  • Achieving this aim for SAFE means:
  • Maximum refueling speed
  • Minimum engagement of electric power and the minimum energy consumption for the compression
  • Bigger reliability with minimum risks of station stopped for maintenance
  • Minimum encumbrance for installation of a plant in a refuelling stations with multiple fuels
  • Plant modularity which allows to accompany the development of the station CNG demand

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