PT Bhumi Phala Perkasa sponsoring the 13th  SPE Golf Tournament.  The event  will be held on Saturday December 6, 2014 with a tee off at 8:30 am, at Sepinggan Golf Course. The SPE section in Balikpapan was restarted 13 years ago and currently has a membership of more than 200 technical professionals. The golf tournament.. read more →

Located at the Industrial and warehousing Serpong BSD Techno Park Blocks A1 No 26-27, Serpong South Tangerang which has an area of 504 square meters with a building area of 360 square meters with the following facilities: Electrical Facility: 23000 Watt 3 Phase Water Facility: Water PDAM General Facility: 2 units toilet, 1 unit bath.. read more →