Located at the Industrial and warehousing Serpong BSD Techno Park Blocks A1 No 26-27, Serpong South Tangerang which has an area of 504 square meters with a building area of 360 square meters with the following facilities:

Electrical Facility: 23000 Watt 3 Phase
Water Facility: Water PDAM
General Facility: 2 units toilet, 1 unit bath room, 1 unit wastafel
Workshop Facility: 1 unit cleaning area with oil saparator container
1 unit table cleaning
2 units work table with a height of 90 cm
2 units work table with a height of 50 cm
2 units material racks
1 unit 3 tons chain hoist manual with stand support
3 units welding machine 160 A, 250 A, 300 A
1 unit pallet trucking
1 unit magnetic drill up to 25 mm drill
1 unit wheeled tool box complete with all accessories
1 unit porta office c/w accessories


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